Quality Policy

The basis of our quality approach has 3 elements: Sustainability, sensitivity and ethical operations.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Protecting nature and humans is one of the priorities while manufacturing and ensuring product versatility. To ensure this, we take comprehensive precautions in our operations to continue with our manufacturing by decreasing resource use such as energy and water and without damaging the biodiversity.


Understanding our customers, knowing what they exactly want and to meet their needs with sensitivity is another factor that forms the basis of our quality approach. Our purpose is to continuously increase customer satisfaction in customer experience and to continuously work on finding new ways to increase our service quality. Consolidating our customer relations with the same sensitivity is the most important factor that reflects our quality approach to undertake our tasks towards our customers.

Ethical Operation Approach

We always adopt an ethical and transparent approach towards our employees, suppliers and customers. Complying with tax liabilities of all the countries we work with in addition to Turkey, ensuring corporate social responsibility principles, applying audit and quality control at every stage of our organisation are some of the properties that distinguish our company from various other textile companies. At Etuf Tekstil, we carefully handle our important policies such as recruitment, working, pricing and safety.

As the Etuf Tekstil family, our policy is innovative and continuously open for development. We aim to add value to our quality approach by supporting human rights in decision-making and value creation processes, with transparent operation processes that we offer to our customers and our integration to the digital world and we work hard to consolidate our position in the textile world by making a difference.

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